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  • Toyota MR2 radiator

    Toyota MR2 - radiator leak

    Good to know, Toyota MR2 lasts a maximum of 10 years Now that the Toyota MR2 has reached the status of a youngtimer, there are many enthusiasts who prey on such a car, it is good to know that the radiator will last a maximum of 10 years. Regardless of the mileage! After reading this, we will see you More

  • Bubble talk

    Bubble talk

    We have again collected a number of fun facts, for at the bar, at a party or at a drink about classics. Ideal Drink Talk! Matra-Simca-Bagheera Since its introduction in 1973, a total of 47.802 units of the Matra-Simca-Bagheera have been built. The last year (1980) was called the 'baby Lamborghini Uracco' Talbot-Matra-Bagheera. There are several More