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    Ford Transit - the first generation

    On August 9, 1965, Ford started production of a new commercial vehicle in Langley, England. The Ford Transit succeeded the German Taunus Transit and the British Thames 400 E. In fifty years, the Ford orderer has emerged as an important pillar in the commercial vehicle industry. The basis for success More

  • Transit

    A Transit that did not become a camper or food truck

    The first Transit dates back to 1953. They were the beginning of a race of cars that from generation to generation lived hard lives and made long days in the hands of small independents, contractors, milkmen, messengers, small transporters, furniture dealers, musicians, bands, government services, as a fire truck, ambulance, as minibuses and as tools for people who More

  • Ford model TT

    A transport vehicle exists 100 year. The Ford Model TT

    Everyone knows Ford's T-model, the legendary car that became a huge success all over the world. But what about the Ford Model TT? Although this car is less well known, it made a big impression, as it was the forerunner of modern vans and pick-ups, including the current Transit. The More

  • Anadol, Ford, Turkey

    An Anadol?

    The Otosan Anadol A1 came from Turkey ...

    … And was the first Turkish-made car. It was built by the Otosan factory and was 'Powered by Reliant'. In the beginning it was called Reliant FW5, and it was even thought of selling it in England. The reinforced polyester body could accommodate 4-5 people. The 1198 cc engine was that of the Ford Anglia More