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    2020. Gloomy year with personal classic highlights

    Just a few more days and 2020 will be ready. It was a year in which the world was gripped by COVID-19, in all its seriousness, in all its facets. A year too, in which working and living took on a whole new dimension. That also applied to myself. Fortunately, I was spared the necessary suffering […] More

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    Triumph TR.

    De Triumph TR saga. It is a long history, which has produced many beautiful sports cars. A ladder frame as the backbone of an illustrious brand that has long since passed away. But the latter does not mean that the Coventry builder has been forgotten. Because Triumph built many beautiful cars, which you can still enjoy today. More

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    Triumph TR facts

    As the Triumph As a TR enthusiast or owner, you must of course know everything about the model you fell for. We have listed some special information for you. TR2 Starting with the TR2. In the beginning it was only available in white, black, ice blue […] More

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    Triumph TR in the picture

    If you are planning one soon Triumph to buy from the TR series, then it is important to do your homework and that is why we have some inside information. Know More

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