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    Triumph TR3 Microplas Mistral

    Auction house Historics at Brooklands already had a few years ago Triumph TR3 with a body of Microplas – type Mistral – on offer. Microplas Ltd. settled in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK in the early 750s. The venture sprang from the brains of a group of XNUMX Motor Club Read more

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    Another TR 3 model?

    Nothing new under the sun, but the model we are presenting today will be of exceptional class. It's a late one Triumph TR3 from 1959. The creator Read more

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    Disc brakes Triumph TR3

    Especially in Triumph-circuits is proclaimed that the TR3 in 1956 was the first mass-produced sports car to be equipped with disc brakes as standard (on the front). Read more