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  • Citroën DS 20 Break

    Citroën DS 20 Break. The Nose of the Pike.

    When owner Marc gladly informs me that we are allowed to photograph a great 50 year old 7 seater station wagon, it can be German, French, Swedish or American, but in any case something beautiful. When a few days later I am in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly has a pointed nose with a split More

  • Triumph Spitfire MK 3 (1968) by Dries. “A joy forever.”

    Triumph Spitfire mk3 (1968) by Dries. “A joy forever.”

    Dries has this successful creation by Triumph owned for many years. And even better: the beautiful red Triumph Spitfire mk3 from 1968 can still be regularly seen on the road at regional rides and national club days. As regional coordinator, he and a group of enthusiastic members organize the cup ride 10 times a year, and More

  • Triumph Trident

    Triumph trident. What's in a name?

    A trident. A spear with a personality disorder. Or cutlery for a lover of five pound steaks. And traditionally the weapon from the PSU of Poseidon, a God from the time when people still believed in Gods. And the unimaginative ones. But dramatically charged type name for three-cylinder combustion engines. The Triumph So trident. More

  • The Paladijn as it was without cockpit

    The Paladin. The constant factor – column

    In 1970 I bought the weekly magazine Motor every week. Printed in black and white on newsprint. The owner of the bookshop had a dark green BMW R60 with E-Glass make-up and Hoske mufflers. The June issue of Motor from 1970 featured an article about 'the Paladijn' by Ab van Ginhoven. More

  • Triumph 2500 TC

    Triumph 2500 TC. An affordable classic

    To begin with, the Triumph 2000 a conventional, rear-wheel drive, mid-sized car. This one Triumphs were made between 1963 and 1977. And they were serious cars. You could be seen with it. Also quite often in the garage and with a breakdown by the way. More

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    A BSA, a reenactment and… It was Theo's birthday - column

    Keymate Ernie and I were satisfied with Project 13C, which was in a mild state of decomposition, and opened a swing-top bottle of Grolsch when Theo and someone else entered the yard. Theo is a motorcyclist with twinkling eyes. He masters the painting of classic motorcycles to perfection, and on his own birthdays he likes to do a round on his unrestored BMW R69S. Because of the pleasantly experienced R69S, we knew that Theo was on his birthday excursion. That could be quite right at the beginning of April. Someone else was new to us. More

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    Triumph Trophy TR25W. BSA's revenge

    The concept of the adventure motorcycle was far from conceived in the late XNUMXs. So if you wanted to play in the sand with a motorcycle, you had to choose from the 'Scramblers' on sale at the time, like something from Honda's CL range. These really weren't serious off roaders, but street machines with a high exhaust and a cross handlebar. More

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    Triumph TR.

    De Triumph TR saga. It is a long history, which has produced many beautiful sports cars. A ladder frame as the backbone of an illustrious brand that has long since passed away. But the latter does not mean that the Coventry builder has been forgotten. Because Triumph built many beautiful cars, which you can still enjoy today. More

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    Motorcycling does not die out!

    Nowadays, if you see a motorcyclist under thirty, it is a student on a 1 in 40 running 125 cc or someone who is with his parents. The average motorcycle buyer is about 55. We classic enthusiasts usually have a few extra taps on the counter. We are of course not More

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    Triumph Bonneville. A memory

    Recently I drove for a client on a new one Triumph Bonneville. An iconic motorcycle type from a brand with an illustrious name. A tribute to everything that was once British. Oh yes: the new Bonnies are made in Thailand. But Benelli is now a Chinese brand and Royal Enfield is working overtime in India. More

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    Old? To experience!

    And I'm not talking about our motorcycles. We as classic enthusiasts are now so experienced that, when you see a forties at a fair, he probably came with his parents. Within our own circles we see some youth who is also grabbed by old stuff.  More

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