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  • Duck

    Long live the ugly Ugly Ducks!

    Stories about the First Ducks with a single headlight (two were too expensive. But the second came up after an unsuspecting Frenchman mistook the vehicle with only one headlight for a motorcycle at night). And in the meantime everyone also knows that the 4WD Duck, the Sahara has now reached a ton More

  • 2cV

    Malle bombées for the 2CV

    Des malles bombées, trunk enlargers. And a silly bombée, that's just one. Those were things that a lot of French people thought they could do to earn a living. And for what kind of cars was increasing the trunk space the most important? For 2CVs of course. Because in a test from the early duck years it became More

  • The presentation of the 2CV enthusiast book, Ma Petite in the Meern was a success and there were many young classic enthusiasts

    It's about passion and pleasure

    The presentation of a book about 2CVs and their owners in a dream location in an oasis in the busy Randstad was fantastic. The people were good, the cars were fun, the presentation was heart-catching, the catering well organized and the book Ma Petite is delicious More

  • citroen-2cv-tour-2h-paris-by-night-tour-with-champagne-35d98
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    Paris by Night. In 2CV

    via the site you can book a trip through Paris by night. In an Ugly Duck, or as the French choose to say a “Deuche” with GPS tour. The possibilities are then as befits an excursion through a city with 11 million inhabitants. You can go to the Eifeltoren, to the Moulin Rouge. name More