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    American LaFrance: Nice too

    Most American action films have chases. Chases in which police cars - of course howling sirens and flashing lights and with V8s in them - are driven to scrap metal en masse. What you see a little less often are chase-like or flight actions in which the good or the bad races through New York with such an American icon: a fire truck from the AmericanLaFrance brand. Read more

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    The Lincoln V12, from a boy's book

    Once, a long time ago, there was a successful series of boys' books: The Bob Evers Series (from 1949). It was about HBS students who would of course be called 'students' nowadays. The main characters were: Arie Roos: son of a shipowner, red hair, fair skin, freckles. Is very fat, eats a lot and often and has genius ideas Read more

  • Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar XJ Series 1

    The Jaguar XJ. The legacy that the new British exclusive sports sedan received was not tender. A whole range of models was sooner or later retired by the newcomer. Under the auspices of Sir William Lyons, a car came into being, which in many ways enchanted. And sometimes the owners and Read more

  • Volga, BMW, V12

    A Volga +

    A Volga was a robust status horse for the Better Kind of Russian. The sheet metal was said to be 1 mm thick. The acceleration correspondingly. The men of A:Level – from the same Russia – have proven what can be made with a lot of rubles, passion and craftsmanship. oh yes: aspiring Read more