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    GM small blocks: The best V8 ever!

    Chevrolet's 'small' engine, the small block, is a legendary series of V8 automotive engines in production at the Chevrolet division of General Motors between 1954 and 2003. The entire line used the same basic engine block. And that was referred to as a 'small-block' because of its small size compared to the physically much larger Chevrolet big-block engines. More

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    A Škoda with muscles

    Sometimes you have to look twice before you see something. A Jeep from WWII, which was recently restored to perfection, was at the Silfhout auto parts trade. This time there was a XNUMXs Škoda. However? Time for a second look. The Škoda Coach looked a bit steroid. And exuberant, with a dash of Patricia Paaij and Patty Brard and a touch of Liberace on speed. Or as Rambo in drag. Party! Or "FOEI!" More

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    Malcolm N. Bricklin: Weird Guys Those Americans

    Malcolm N. Bricklin (born March 9, 1939) is an American businessman, widely known for an unorthodox career spanning more than six decades with numerous prominent failures and successes - primarily manufacturing or importing automobiles to the United States - to eventually starting up more than thirty companies. More

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    Chevrolet Nova: Memories

    It was 1990, and an acquaintance of a friend of a colleague was building a 650 hp Chevy Malibu. The costs of that project got out of hand. That's why his Nova had to go. Shortly afterwards, the Malibu project also had to go. Because the brave Willie Wortel who worked in the field, put so much working time into his project that his employer gave him much more time for it. He became unemployed. More

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    Ford Mustang: a 1986'er. Not a 1968 person

    With men like The Boxerwhisperer and the famous Flemish (ex?) Secret agent Walter W. has in the circle of friends Auto Motor Klassiek strong links with the Flemish, where in fact a classic culture prevails that is somewhat low profile for the more exuberant kind of Dutch. More

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    Oldsmobile Toronado: American innovative

    Pay attention: Name the 'automotive blockbuster' of model year 1966. Answer: the Toronado. Not only did it make headlines in all the major auto magazines and most national news magazines, but also in The States drew crowds to the auto shows and dealer showrooms from coast to coast. And what caused all that fuss was above all a feature. More

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    USA pick ups: Diligent workers

    That patina is beautiful and nice. But when you buy such a tough American pickup, the structural health counts more than the paintwork or the fresh chrome. Americans are masters is cosmetic work that hides the world from misery. For example, in American 'restorations' we regularly encountered centimeters thick filler layers surrounded by Chinese chrome. More

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    Glass 2600 V8. Great scale model of Schuco in 1 to 18

    It was a prestige project by Hans Glas Gmbh, a serious V8 coupé from Dingolfing. The Glas 2600 V8, designed by Frua, had to become a competitor of the large luxury sports coupes of the time. Glass had developed since the XNUMXs from a motor roller builder and Goggomobil producer to a manufacturer that was also capable of More

  • Tatras 1947

    Tatras. A murder wagon

    During WWII the Germans confiscated everything in the process. In addition, 'our bicycles' only came into play at a late stage. But in Czechoslovakia, the Germans found the Tatras with their air-cooled V8 blocks in the stern. More

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