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    The BX is back! (And K1s also become expensive)

    The BX is back! (And K1s also get expensive) The BX is back! The Citroën BX was once an absolute top seller and the lease segment is also the frontrunner. If you saw a white BX 1400, you saw a representative. If you saw a silver gray, you were looking at a 1600 (or 1900D) of a Read more

  • Classics as a business model. Does that work?

    Classics as a business model

    Classics as revenue model. Does that work? Yesterday I fell in the middle of a program about saving. What was clear: you don't have to worry about interest. What was also clear: it was all about investing in classics and vintage watches. So the question arises: Classics as a revenue model. Does that work? The passion as an investment project? Of course were Read more

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    The third classic golf: Buy a classic now

    In the beginning there was the Exemption Scheme. That was the reason for many people with an empty purse in the place where ordinary people have their heart to start dieseling. And for Real Lovers, that arrangement made their passion more defensible in the family circle. That story went up in smoke. Read more

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    180 or 120 Degrees? The Laverda triples

    A Laverda 1000 three-cylinder is not yet coming to the 100 hp, but is - at least according to the owner of the copy that we photographed for AMK 12 - too fast for the Netherlands.

    Within Laverda circles there is a mild battle between the owners of machines with the lever taps at 180 and those with lever taps at 120 degrees.

    Yet this beautiful Beul from Breganze stands for a magnificent piece of motor history in which the people of Laverda bought a lot of things abroad because the Italian suppliers did not think the quality was good enough and because no agreements could be made with it ... Read more

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    Invest as a game of chance

    Matured as a game of chance? Classic motorcycles as an investment? Well no dude! Just do some shares of Fyra or something. Of course there are a number of motorcycles with a hefty price tag. Engines that may become even more expensive. Or not. But even that is often the issue of the day. So cherish the dream value and do not sell.

    Classic motorcycles are fun because they are fun. Not because they will ever be worth a lot. Read more