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  • Dutch glory. The DAF 55.

    DAF 55. Dutch glory.

    During the final agreement of 1967, DAF introduced its first passenger car with a water-cooled four-cylinder engine. The DAF 44 had been launched a year earlier, with a new body designed by Michelotti. That body was basically also the housing for the new 55, which saw the light of day in December 1967. The More

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    The last passenger car with the DAF brand name: the 46

    In 1974 the eight-year-old DAF 44 gets a successor. It is the DAF 46, which remains largely the same in appearance as its predecessor. However, behind the new type name are a number of technical innovations. In addition - and it turns out more than two years later - the 46 is the last passenger car to use the More