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    White, the new black. Or so – column

    There are similarities between jeans and motorcycle helmets. One brand can fit you perfectly, while a comparable other brand feels like an unwanted intimacy. Another similarity is that with your perfect helmet or jeans you can become so entwined that you don't even notice when such a handy item has come to the end of its days. Your jeans then hang from your butt like slouchy threads and your helmet hovers above 130 like a miniature hovercraft above your skull, while the chinstrap tries jangly to suffocate you. More

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    Spring is tingling in the air again

    I look forward to the coming summer and reflect on the past summer. Of course I care about health. For example, I have almost stopped smoking. But that was more because I smoked more per month than the purchase of an extra garage box cost me. So I'm all for the extra storage space More

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    Summer 2018, a hot summer. And Christa was with the police

    Summer. Lounging around in shorts and a flowing shirt. Kewl! An Arnhem police officer saw it differently. He 'shared' the photo he had taken of a fallen motorcyclist. The somewhat gloomy looking man in the photos clearly had 'asphalt cement'. His tattoo looked less damaged than his surroundings. Maybe tattooed skin More

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    Garage doors

    Teckentrups “CarTeck doors are adaptable to the look of your home - classic, modern or rustic. They also make life a little bit more pleasant: an electric drive with remote control is standard today, ”says Jörg Meyer-Holtkamp, ​​door expert at Teckentrup More

  • Ghostbusters?


    Ghostbusters Of course you can also customize a classic. And there were also many cars in the past that derived their looks from their specific use. More

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    Our hobby, fire hazard and fire extinguishers

    Our hobby is not without risks. By grinding, welding, soldering or otherwise heating our passion can go up in flames. And a survey in the circle of acquaintances shows that this is insufficiently taken into account. With and fire in the A, B or C class. And with what the insurer will do after a garage fire (you). Because perhaps there is an exclusion clause in the smallest print of the policy about this type of work in our own shed.

    An A class fire is one in solid matter. The coating or wiring, for example.