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  • Starter engine English Twin, Norton, BSA, Velocette

    Starting engines for classics

    That's a thing. Your Brit who kicked you to life with a hard kick on the kickstarter when you were XNUMX may be better than ever. Starter motors for classics Kickstarting and knee problems But now it starts a little less. Not because of the British. Comes through your knee. Currently coming More

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    The Velocette LE, The Noddy Bike

    Velocette is of course famous for its furious and racing fast single cylinders. Yet the brand has also made more modest motorcycles. Because what would a village warden on a Velocette Thruxton do? The Velocette LE was very thoughtfully designed as a super user-friendly service bike. But also in civilian version, it was due to its low weight, low center of gravity More

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    Everywhere, in all barns ...

    The motorcycle market for modern motorcycles is so constipated that my son, who studies veterinary medicine, would immediately give the owner of a horse with such colic the recipe for horse steak in cream sauce with onions. From the private sector there are countless providers of neat engines for decent prices who advertise it after three years More