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  • automatic transmission

    Automatic transmission, risks and opportunities

    Buying a classic with an automatic transmission carries a certain risk. Whether 'the machine' is good, that only becomes clear after a really long test drive. Automatic gearboxes have the reputation of being difficult and expensive if something goes wrong. This means that any transmission doubt is a strong negotiating point More

  • Innocenti Mini

    Innocenti Mini 850 Automatic

    We have a reader who is fortunate enough to own a 850 Innocenti Mini 1969 with automatic transmission. However, the owner is less and less happy because the little thing clearly shifts to the next gear, is absolutely lifeless and consumes a lot of fuel. He has seen a chance to agree with a More

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    The oil in your automatic transmission

    The similarity between what many Americans have been doing for decades and the regulations used by automakers until recently? Never do anything to the automatic transmission. Forgotten from the factory for life. It's heartless. And it often causes problems for classic Americans. The automatic transmission then shifts poorly, or not at all. A problem More