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  • Moretti Mini Maxi (1972). And Edwin's tiny Italians.

    Moretti Mini Maxi (1972). And Edwin's tiny Italians.

    The Moretti Mini Maxi is a special model based on the Fiat 500. The 500 was a source of inspiration for various car manufacturers in Italy, a large number of bodywork is associated with the 500. Do you know the Vignale Gamine? The Autobianchi Bianchina Convertible? But the names Gianni, Lombardi, Weinsberg and Steyr, not to mention Abarth, are also associated with the little bambino. The Moretti was bought in Siena (Italy) and has been in the name of Edwin since 2010, his father Tonnie was the previous owner.  More

  • Fiat 125

    Fiat 125. The Italian volume sports sedan.

    In the second half of the sixties, the sedan range from Fiat undergoes a thorough renovation. In the middle segment the Italians launch the Fiat 1966 in 124, a year later the higher positioned and larger Fiat 125 follows. And it combines modernity with conventional technology. Nevertheless, it is increasingly regarded as revolutionary during its lifetime. More

  • Mondeo
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    Ford reflections in a nice Mondeo

    The relaxed trance sounds of Ferry Corstens' Eternity sound great thanks to a sublime sound system. They merge with the peaceful Thursday morning. The Zeeland A58 is now a beacon of tranquility. In advance I am delighted with what awaits me in Guy Moerenhout's Abarth Works Museum. That anticipation turns out later in the day [...] More

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    Lancia Flavia Convertible

    Lancia Flavia Convertible - Verkeerd Afgelopen A few years ago we surprised you with a few photos and a description of a Lancia Flavia Convertible 'discovered' by chance in Eastham, London, with bodywork by Vignale. Simply put, a restoration object, in reality something to never start (again). The once beautiful bodywork was for […] More