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  • Auto Motor Classic Day

    For the agenda: Auto Motor Classic Day and other events!

    As a regular reader of Auto Motor Klassiek you have undoubtedly received it. The Auto Motor Classic Day will take place at Classic Park in Boxtel on 10 September. It is already the second event Auto Motor Klassiek associates the name with. And just like the AMK Festival in Zandvoort, it also promises More

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    “Adjustment of the event regulation for old-timers in the making”

    The Event Scheme for old-timers may be adjusted and expanded. The policy change will reportedly be published in the Government Gazette next week. Owners of old-timers in the transitional arrangement would then be allowed to take their vehicle - to a limited extent - to an event in the months of December, January and February. At the moment, the adjustment is still More

  • The Team, a Season with McLaren

    The Team, a season with McLaren

    For years he stood in the cupboard next to the video recorder. The band with the beautiful documentary series The Team, a season with McLaren from the BBC. Often watched, but as with video tapes; the quality is declining and after two relocations the video recorder More

  • Heading Hill Climb

    Heading Hill Climb

    Joop Bremer reads Auto Motor Klassiek and therefore the fact that he is a classic fan will not surprise you either. And Joop was recently able to witness with his wife Rhea More

  • MGB: BRX 854B

    MG MGB: £ 141.922,00!

    The new British auction house Historics at Brooklands set a new sales record on 2 June for an MG MGB from 1964: £ 141.922,00 plus commission from More

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    Retro Tacot

    On 30 and 31 October, the Lotto Expo in Mons, Belgium (also known as Bergen in the Low Countries) is all about the Rétro Tacot trade fair. Something new? No, before More