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  • Panther

    Panther J72

    Sometimes a car presents itself and you are not sure what to think of it. A car that does not fit in a box and cannot be interpreted. Is it beautiful now? The yellow license plates are confusing me. You expect blue with such an antique model, right? And is there on the Read more

  • Opel Rekord 1700 P1

    Opel Rekord 1700 P1. Unbestritten schon

    This is how the popular Opel Rekord 1700 P1 was called in the 60s. Its panoramic windscreen was already graceful and the four-door version gave the necessary convenience to a comfortable transport. The performance was not even bad for its time. The four-cylinder 1680cc engine moved the 910 kilogram heavy carriage to a maximum speed Read more

  • DAF 66

    DAF 66. Our national pride

    Sometimes you come into contact with people who enthusiastically tell about their experiences with a special car. This 66 DAF 1974 – despite its condition – still retains a sense of romance from G.van der Ploeg's childhood memory. By: Dirk de Jong This owner used to be a garage owner and presented Read more

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    Audi 80 F 103. Long-term parking

    What do you do if you own a 80 Audi 103 F 1967 that still looks excellent but will no longer provide driving pleasure? The owner's answer is simple: Put it in the attic, maybe it will go just like in the fairy tale, after many years one or the other will come Read more

  • Simca 1000 Rallye
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    Simca 1000 Rallye, a bomb

    The origin of the Simca 1000 Rallye is not in France but in Italy. Henri Pigozzi, President General of Simca, was born in Turin and knew the founder of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli. Fiat would remain Simca's dominant shareholder until 1963. Pigozzi remained a regular visitor to Fiat's factories throughout his time Read more

  • Chrysler New Yorker
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    Chrysler New Yorker. A model with a long breath

    Chrysler has never been such a well-known brand here before Chrysler Europe came into existence. And disappeared again. Here we usually had to make do with GM and Ford Americans. But Chrysler was one of the big players in its homeland The States. And Chrysler's New Yorker line was the top line there for quite some time. The Read more

  • Opel Manta A

    Elegant Opel Manta A

    This Opel Manta A is an undisputed showpiece and has been owned by Frits Groen for more than 25 years. This model had a special place in his heart, but was out of his reach because he didn't have a driver's license and was not yet of legal age at 17. In the years Read more

  • AMC Pacer

    AMC Pacer

    American cars are big and have V8 blocks. However? And some cars, despite all the pluses, were not a success. The unique American leap of thought to saw off a part of a full sized Yank tank and in principle to use a six-cylinder in-line engine was therefore a bridge for quite some people. Read more

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