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    More vintage Bentleys than ever

    Today there are more Vintage Bentleys than WO Bentley ever made. And that is not possible. So there is a problem. If there were fewer, they would be rarer and more valuable. But the market mechanism that has made our robbery such a boom is More

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    Premier vintage jet helmets

    leading & revolutionary. But then we are talking about the time when full-face helmets were a novelty ...

    Now stylish and solid. And as a jet helmet +

    The vintage line from Premier is made with the most modern materials and the latest techniques. Yet the 'looks' are good.

    the import is at IGM Trading, and they have the site More

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    A nice newsletter for Bentley enthusiasts

    Are Vintage Bentleys a good future investment? That is a popular question. Recessions, depressions, wars and other world turmoil usually depress stocks and real estate, and raise the prices of collectibles. There are exceptions but when people are worried about the economy they take their money and put it where it is safe. Currently, stocks are high because countries are printing money to prop up the markets. What if the world goes into a recession or even depression? Will Vintage Bentley's surge in price? More