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  • Volvo PV 544

    Volvo PV 544 Special and a restoration for life

    In 1996 Harry Polling from Donderen completed the intensive restoration of his Volvo PV 544. A few years earlier he had bought the diligent Swede as a kit. That was the start of the second life that the Volvo still leads in Drenthe to this day. And will lead for years to come. because More

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    Volvo P179

    In the reporting about the Volvo P1900 we did not get too much praise. Even seen in the light of what was beautiful (…) six decades ago. But then again, as a car manufacturer you had to do something so as not to miss the connection? It was no different at Volvo. Ever heard of More

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    More Volvo pit

    Would you like to get some more spice out of the engine of your Volvo Cat back or Amazon with B18 / B20 engine? That starts with a beautiful exhaust manifold, a machined cylinder head with, among other things, larger valves, balanced crankshaft, 'faster' camshaft, a turned off More