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  • Volvo 1800 S

    Volvo 1800 S – drive with a smile

    Our straight legs testify to a low and sporty seat. Robust and confidence-inspiring sounds penetrate the cockpit with a pleasant hum. A mirror image betrays the beautiful lines that embrace the also beautiful passenger compartment. And every second the interior seems to reveal new details to us in a discreet way. We are in the Read more

  • Volvo Duett (1966) - Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek -

    Volvo Duett (1966) by Harry. A leisure classic

    Harry owns three classic driving machines from Sweden. His workhorse is a classic Volvo Pickup that is used daily within his company for maintenance of Swedish boats and especially painting and boat repairs. As an independent entrepreneur, and especially Volvo enthusiast, he is also involved in the purchase and sale of Swedish boats under the company name Svenskip Fryslân. This time, however, it is about his Swedish beauty, a Volvo Duett. Read more

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    Volvo 240 – driving with a smile

    This time we were allowed to drive a real Swedish evergreen, a Volvo 240 GL Injection (B 200 E engine with K-Jetronic) in excellent condition. The car even had a full maintenance history and has had only two owners in its years. We are reacquainted with the unexpected and therapeutic qualities of the Swedish hit song. Read more

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    Volvo Amazon. Vilken fantastic buttock!

    It is a question I am regularly asked. “What do you think is the best car in history?” † Admittedly, that's a tricky one, because the answer depends on many factors. Besides, I'm not very sure about that sort of thing. But I still believe I know which car I'm getting Read more

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    Volvo Amazon… a strong concept

    In September 1956 a car was born that is still regarded as a highly respected classic to this day. The Volvo Amason – known in the export markets as Volvo Amazon – accompanies the PV 444 (Katback) from that moment on. Jan Wilsgaard's design has been well received and is characterized by, among other things, beautiful lines, good road holding, excellent equipment and (preparations) for passive safety. Read more

  • Volvo Amazon 1968 2

    Volvo Amazon (1968) by Piet Wijbenga. A class car. 

    We like to use the word 'image' when we talk about Volvo models. Image is the image that exists of Volvo and is precisely used when it comes to the Swedish quality product. Surrounded by solidity, safety and comfort, Volvo has a strong reputation. Piet Wijbenga, the owner of this 1968 Volvo Amazon, can confirm this. Read more

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    Volvo 300 series

    On February 19, 1976, the last result of the partnership between DAF and Volvo is presented in Gothenburg. The car is being developed under the project name “DAF 77” and will be marketed as Volvo 343. In March, the public will be introduced to him at the Geneva Salon and the new Volvo will Read more

  • Volvo Laplander (1969)

    Volvo Laplander (1969). Tough freebooter. 

    “The hunt for a green Laplander” was successfully completed last year when Peter found this special Volvo Laplander Valp L 3314. The search for an idiosyncratic type, a powerful off-road vehicle, came to a crew car built for the Swedish army that is more than 50 years old.  Read more

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