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  • zero comma six

    From zero point six to one hundred

    This week Prime Minister Rutte sat at the table with Mariëlle van Overbeek in Nieuwsuur. Meanwhile, a disk graph lit up. I already knew the numbers, but again they came in. Road traffic: 6,1% share in Dutch nitrogen production. Abroad: 32,3%. Agricultural sector: 46%. Construction: 0,6%. Construction 0,6%? It's really there. Zero point six, the minuscule […] More

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    Environmental news: D'66 lashes out at VVD

    In Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation has been fighting for some time against the environmental zone and in favor of an alternative that, for example, yields much better results at an infrastructural level - and therefore also healthier air. Those responsible for politics in Rotterdam are regularly approached to work on a better solution. However, D'66 alderman Pex Langenberg maintains […] More

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    FEHAC: “political classic car café animated and informative”

    The old Hague city bus in front of the Nieuwspoort press center made it clear on 17 January: the FEHAC had its 'political café' there. The bottlenecks in the regulations of mobile heritage on the road were discussed in a room full of member vehicle clubs, all other interest groups and, in particular, representatives of political parties. The meeting was interesting […] More

  • Utrecht environmental zone

    Environmental zone for old Amsterdam diesel vans in force on 1 January 2017

    It had been known for some time. Amsterdam will also ban older cars from certain parts of the city. As of January 1, 2017, the environmental zone for diesel vans built before January 1, 2000 becomes current. Large parts within the A-10 ring road are forbidden areas for this category of buyers. Amsterdam is introducing this environmental zone with […] More

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    The Hague city council does not expand The Hague environmental zone

    The municipality of The Hague is opposed to an expansion of the environmental zone The Hague, which has been in force since 2008. The AD published this today. Currently, polluting trucks are banned there. This decision means that old(er) passenger cars, taxis, delivery vans and scooters will remain welcome everywhere in the Residence for the time being. “There is nothing to indicate that the environmental zone has an effect […] More

  • Environmental zone

    KNAC welcomes developments in the environmental zone dossier

    The KNAC has announced in its newsletter that it is pleased with the motion of VVD member Barbara Visser that has been adopted by the House of Representatives. She is an emphatic proponent of abolishing environmental zones in inner cities. “We feel supported in our fight against these pointless environmental zones,” says KNAC director Peter Staal. "But we have […] More

  • Environmental zones

    House of Representatives heralds the end of municipal environmental zones

    The House of Representatives has today made mincemeat of the municipal environmental zones. A VVD motion was passed tonight in the House of Representatives stating that municipalities are not allowed to set environmental zones for passenger cars. The motion was supported by the SP, the PVV and the CDA. In the motion submitted by Barbara Visser, clear language was […] More

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    Coalition parties House of Representatives reject motions for modified old-timer scheme

    The House of Representatives has rejected the motions regarding an adapted transitional arrangement for old-timers. On October 12, Ronald van Vliet and Tony van Dijck submitted motions for expanding the transitional arrangement. They indicated that it would be desirable to also exclude old-timers on Diesel and LPG from the transitional […] More