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  • VW Bus - the Tiki bus

    VW bus

    The VW bus idea came from our own Ben Pon, who got his inspiration from a Beetle-based vehicle for internal company transport. The Beetles were 'Type 1' for Volkswagen. So the vans based on the idea of ​​the enterprising Dutch VW importer Pon became 'Type 2'. The bus also brought the More

  • Volkswagen Bus T1

    Volkswagen Bus T1

    A feast for the eyes… Unique opportunities come unexpectedly and are not announced, so it is important to react quickly. And that's what Frits Groen did, an asphalt knight who crosses the Netherlands daily with his truck. His phone call with camera at the ready to record what goes by as an old-timer enthusiast. This magical '65 VW bus More

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    VW Bus

    What can you do with your Volkswagen Bus? Some people know how to come up with the most beautiful creations. Like here. More

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    Production Volkswagen T2 may be resumed

    Production of the Volkswagen T2 may be resumed. Autovisie reports today on its website that options are being examined in Brazil with regard to the “Bulli” to circumvent the safety requirements applicable from 2014 onwards. They prescribe that every new car must be equipped with ABS and airbags. The construction of the More

  • VW bus, 4WD

    Gustav Mayer, the boss of VW's company vehicle store, was a travel enthusiast. And when traveling in his own VW bus, he missed some ground clearance and a drive. Gustav went to talk to colleague Henning Duckstein and in 1975 they made the first 4WD VW bus. They did that with a two-liter engine and the things they had in hand. Plus their craftsmanship and enthusiasm. More

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    Brand new Volkswagen T2 Camper!

    If you are on the street, you will have noticed that it is almost forgiven for the Volkswagen T2 vans, many of which have been turned into motorhomes. Would you also like to participate in this cult, but do you look against the possible restoration, the maintenance More