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Volkswagen T1

Volkswagen T1 bus (1969). The world of Volkswagen for Douwe. 

If you have been chef in a VW garage for 46 years and have experienced the very successful development, you can certainly speak of 'the world of Volkswagen' with him. A man who knows the entire VW catalog by heart and who effortlessly mentions the serial numbers of all parts. He is now rightfully 'Pensionado' and enjoys his spare time in which Volkswagen still plays a leading role. 
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Volkswagen Bus T1

Volkswagen Bus T1

A feast for the eyes... Unique opportunities come unexpectedly and are not announced, which is why it is important to respond quickly. And that is what Frits Groen, an asphalt knight who crosses the Netherlands every day with his truck, did. His phone call with camera ready to…