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  • Opel Kadett GT / E

    Opel Kadett GT / E. Rare and peppery coupe

    In 1973 Opel introduces the C-generation of the popular and successful Kadett. The B-model generation may retire, but Opel's classic starting point to launch a new model immediately with various body styles is continued undaunted. Opel also maintains rear-wheel drive with the C-Kadett. One of the models of the 1973 Kadett is Read more

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    AMK 2016. A great year at Auto Motor Klassiek.

    The accreditation of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen had just been handed to me, along with the press release full of information. And the confirmation of the announcement that Walter Röhrl would give an extensive autograph session that special afternoon of February 5th. It was the chance to speak to this multiple world champion. when I's Read more

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    Walter Röhrl. Living rally legend.

    The established order within the rally world of the early 1972s is stunned. During the Olympia Rally of 25 - held in the context of the later so emotionally charged Summer Olympics in Munich - XNUMX years of talent speaks for itself. Walter Röhrl drives his non-conventional Kleint Capri RS fearlessly Read more

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    Bremen Classic Motor Show 2016 again impressive

    Organisers, visitors and participants can once again look back on a particularly successful 2016 edition of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen. In Northern Germany, those involved organized a literally and figuratively grand exhibition. 44.612 visitors from various European countries were attracted by the accelerated fame. As a reward for their arrival, they were treated to Read more