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    The Car of the Year 1976

    When you read that, you naturally jumped up: “Yes, of course! That was the Simca1307-1308! A merciless sales topper and now a very sought-after Classic! “ NOT! The cars, like many other 'Cars of the Year', were not a success. There are also very few surviving specimens. The Simcas could also rust fantastically. […] More

  • wanted black cross key space

    Looking for key space ... For the Black Cross

    AMK reader Patrick Roes and his friends want to and can participate in the now almost world-famous Zwarte Cross next year. They come from the Zwarte Cross region, so they actually play a home game. But unfortunately they lost their key and workspace. And it turns out that even on the other side of […] More

  • a set of unknown emblems, solution sought. Where are they from?

    Who knows what these emblems are?

    Ronald, who can be reached at, found a few nice emblems at a trade fair. He bought them because he liked them, not because he had been looking for them for years. He doesn't even know where they are from. “Imperator” could have been on a Horex Imperator. But we're not sure. […] More

  • VW carbrio, wanted, dear ones

    Who kisses who here?

    We found this photo in the cycle in Knokke (B).

    You may recognize the license plate.

    Or maybe you have been one of the possible lovers, then you can report.

    We have nothing for the car, but 'knowing' would be nice. If you recognize yourself in the photo, we will send it to you in its list. More

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    Austin-Healey Sprite steel wheels

    We were recently approached by an enthusiast who wants to brighten up his Austin-Healey Sprite Mk2 like they did in the 1960s. He is looking for at least two wide steel wheels in the size More

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    Bond owners wanted

    Jeroen Noordman has become so passionate about the British (sports car) brand Bond that he wants to get in touch with owners and enthusiasts of this country. It's about interested people More