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  • tatra-t603

    The most beautiful advertising photo ...

    The idea is of course to put you on the track of Czech, Polish and other classic fairs. Nazi memorabilia. A kind of 20W50 sausages smoked on brown coal and asphalt. Beer… Vodka. Weapons. Beer…

    .. and the good second place

    Oh yeah; there is usually also a wide range of girls who are not yet proprietary. And you may find your car broken into, or just never return. Read more

  • wd40, WD-40, weapons

    WD-40's birthday

    WD-40's birthday this fall. The product was the success of Norm Larsen's 40th attempt to develop an anti-corrosion agent cum moisture repellent for NASA. WD-40: “Water Displacement - 40th Attempt”. Read more