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    Better half turned… – column

    I met him in Arnhem and recognized him. The son of a motorcycling acquaintance, now it seems that he is already a well-worn thirties. So the son, not the father. I knew he also rode a motorcycle and he was wearing an old leather jacket with a sewn on Triumph emblem. The jacket was really old. Not fancy vintage. As I said, he looked rather drunk for what I remembered as his age. More

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    A happy marriage

    And that it is also a business-based marriage? That's only good. Carla Paumen and Adelbert Engler first found and got to know each other in business. Getting to know that turned into sincere love back and forth. Carla is the owner of Autostoffering Carla in Geleen and has been known for years by More

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    Getting married in style ...

    Daimler, wedding car Because a wedding day is not just her party. We therefore found a very happy couple. Because even the nicer modeled half of the couple were impressed by their wedding carriage. The second photo proves that it can all get a bit rougher. And then for people with a large family there is also an extra double plus extended limo. More