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    Bianchi MT 61 army motorcycle

    Modern army motorcycles are usually somewhat lower compressed, not too heavy all roads in a green jacket. They are even available in a diesel version. The motorcycles during WWII were usually very recognizable civilians on 'our' side who were called into arms. Quite often they were single-cylinder four-stroke side valves, because that approach combined reliability with simplicity. On the German side, the designers often got carried away by their 'lead through technology' genes. That led to impressive and complicated machines like the BMW R75 and so on. And as it turned out: you don't win war with that. Read more

  • A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    The organization is proud to announce that the Swapmeet, previously held in Haaksbergen and organized by the "friends of Harley-Davidson", will be continued. In the city center of Enschede, barely 10 km from the old location, we have a large hall found, which offers space for this 3-year-old initiative Read more

  • Harley WL, side valve

    HD side flaps: booming Business!

    In the classic motorcycle world, the really old-timers seem to be becoming more and more popular. For example, the HD WL types, the engines that were worth somewhere between 100-150 guilders in the 16000s, are now only for sale for a very short time. And an asking price for such an original twin can just be XNUMX euros. Absolute masterpieces Read more