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  • Wolseley Hornet

    "Heinz 57" Wolseley Hornet Convertible

    It is now half a century ago that the British company Heinz Foods from Wembley started decorating the British street scene with the 'Heinz 57' Wolseley Hornet Convertible. There were once – how could it be otherwise – 57 converted by coachbuilder Crayford. The (among others) ketchup and soup manufacturer then wanted 'the customer' More

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    Insect names for cars: Sting is in the tail

    Insect names for cars: The devil is in the tail. Getting stung by an insect is always a – nasty – experience. Could that be why various car manufacturers named their cars after such an insect? Or is it more about the venom of such an insect. Usually – unnoticed – More

  • For adoption: A MG 1300 Glider

    For adoption: A MG 1300 Glider

    Up for adoption: An MG 1300 Glider. It is one of Sir Alec Issogonis's children and it was offered under a whole host of brand names. But the basis of the family tree was the project BMC ADO16. With a somewhat different grille and in different versions, we talk about a car that became famous More

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    BMC ADO16

    The badge engineered BMC ADO16 models, known in the country as the 'Glider', were available as Austin, Morris, Riley, Wolseley, MG and even Vanden Plas. The trolley was a success from Day 1 and remained in production for 16 years. In those 16 years, the front and grille were replaced no less than thirty-five times More

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    Studebaker, Rover and Wolseley

    he also had a 1950's Studebaker. Full of enthusiasm, he began removing the tarpaulin from the car so that I could take pictures of it. He said there was a six-cylinder in-line engine with side valves. More

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    Mazak help

    NTG Motor Services, known worldwide as a supplier of parts for, among others, the MG T-types, T-types, Magnette ZA / ZB, MG MGA, but also the Wolseley 4 / 44 and 15 / 50 has a More

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    Heritage Certificate

    As the owner of an Aston Martin, MG, Mini, Austin, Austin Healey, Triumph, Rover, Land Rover, Range Rover, Morris, Riley or Wolseley More