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  • Oldtimer scheme

    Stichting Autobelangen launches proposal for a change to old-timer scheme

    The current MRB old-timer scheme for old-timers has not had the desired effect in several areas. Partly for this reason, the Autobelangen Foundation has submitted the Oldtimer Amendment 2017 to CDA representative Pieter Omtzigt. According to Stichting Autobelangen, the adjustment of the measure serves the purpose of achieving a balanced and fair old-timer policy. […] More

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    Stichting Autobelangen also loses its fifth test process

    The Stichting Autobelangen has also lost the fifth test case in the fight against the current MRB exemption scheme. The court in Groningen took a long time to reach a verdict in the final trial. This was done by the Autobelangen Foundation together with Bart Kouwenhoven, owner of a Mercedes Benz 240 D from […] More

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    Monday 12 October meeting in Chamber about disappointing MRB-yield vintage cars

    A debate on the old-timer law will take place in the House of Representatives on Monday. The meeting will discuss, among other things, the evaluation that the State Secretary sent to the House of Representatives before the summer recess. As is well known, it contained data that could be seriously questioned. The letter states that the intended […] More

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    Stichting Autobelangen reveals spicy new facts in old-timer file

    The Autobelangen Foundation has revealed a number of new and spicy facts this week in Groningen. We spoke to Hans Horwitz and Wouter van Embden. They told us the following: “At the beginning of 2013 there were agreements between the oldtimer alliance and the Ministry of Finance. There would also be a transitional arrangement for diesel and LPG old-timers. That […] More

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    Thursday, September, 17, focusing on lawsuits against the government

    On Thursday 17 September, two leading parties will take further steps in their legal processes against the government. The KNAC is preparing for the next round in the lawsuit against the municipality of Utrecht. The subject is the defense with regard to the introduction of the environmental zone in the Domstad. And in Groningen you will find […] More

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    Stichting Autobelangen opts definitively for political track

    The Autobelangen Foundation recently reported that it was strongly considering continuing the fight against the current old-timer regulation, especially at a political level. In order to add luster to the intention, the opinion of the supporters has recently been polled. This indicated that the Autobelangen Foundation would do well to definitively […] More

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    Wiebes uses assumptions and remarkable starting points in the evaluation of the old-timer scheme

    State Secretary Eric Wiebes published the evaluation of the old-timer scheme yesterday. In a letter to the House of Representatives, he indicates that the MRB rules introduced on 1 January 2014 have borne fruit. “The vehicle fleet in the Netherlands has been rejuvenated and the air quality has improved. In addition, the tax revenues are correspondingly.” The way in which […] More

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    Old-timer control trial processes starting on February 26

    This Thursday, an important next step will be taken in the efforts of the Autobelangen Foundation to arrive at a more acceptable old-timer regulation. The first of the five trial processes will be conducted in Breda. Initially, conducting one lawsuit was the starting point. In 2014, the Tax and Customs Administration - in consultation with Autobelangen - distributed the large […] More

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