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  • wrecks

    Épaves, so wrecks. Or are they estimating?

    Epaves, wrecks. Originally as a term from the shipping world, but for us classic enthusiasts now with much more emotional charge. In France, all kinds of forgotten and abandoned cars and motorcycles also fall under the term. And on the internet you can get completely lost in that wonderful world of rusty oblivion. In France most of them are carelessly abandoned More

  • Mercedes, verkeerd afgelopen

    Verkeerd afgelopen? A nest of Mercedessen

    Verkeerd afgelopen or just 'about'. We had seen them before, but then the 'photo moment' was missing. Because it didn't look like the cars were going to disappear like two or three, we went there one more time. On the 'Zone Industrielle' of Zelhem, only 550 km from Paris and free More