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  • IMG 2012

    Zündapp Janus. Dwarf car in mirror image.

    It's the fifties. After the Second World War, the economy continued to improve. It went well for the people. They got more money to spend and wanted something different than the daily transport by motorcycle, through all kinds of weather. Germany is rising and the automotive industry is recovering. It is the Read more

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    Zündapp KS 600 hybrid found

    Kiat Que is… Well: Actually a motorcycle collector with a very changing collection from what is actually the 'knakenhoek'. Plus the keeper of an unlikely heap of stuff they would call 'Vintage' in the Randstad. You often find the strangest things there. Oh yes: Kiat has a predilection for art and attributes from Papua New Guinea. Read more

  • Zündapp KS 125

    The Zündapp KS 125 Sport (1971-1977)

     So Zundapp. “Zünder und Apparatebau-Gesellschaft mbH Nuremberg”. That was, of course, “Zundapp”. And those 'Zünder', those were ignition mechanisms for things that convincingly went 'BOOM!'. But this Zündapp is from well after the war. It started out as a 'box project' For someone who thinks factory-original perfection is the norm, then the story begins with the read-in, Read more

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    Bremen Classic Motor Show 2017. Old-fashioned good.

    Very well attended, perfectly organised, beautiful themes and solid recognisability. These are titles that have been valid for years for the start of the German classic season in Bremen. The organization of the Bremen Classic Motor Show 2017 once again lived up to its reputation. Those responsible put on an excellent fair where the recognizable recipe is fully Read more

  • Zundapp 1755 GS

    Certainly not brand blind

    People with a predilection for BMW two-valve boxers are often quite tight in leather. Theo Terwel is a boxer enthusiast with a large frame of mind. There are more brands he can appreciate. Basically any brand, as long as the owner is happy with it. So it was not completely unexpected that Theo's heart melted Read more

  • Zuendapp gs restoration

    Large GSs, small GSs ...

    Theo Terwel from Vorden has already restored quite a few BMW 2-valve GSsen to 100% authentic factory new condition. He did this because he is a perfectionist and because the fanatic fans of the blue and white brand see factory originality as the highest good. But he doesn't feel Read more