Technical solutions and finds

Technical solutions
6V in, 5 x 6 V out
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Technical solutions and finds

If it is not possible as it should ... Then it should be as it is possible. Because the correct solution cannot be achieved, it is sometimes necessary to improvise. In our luxurious setting, that is often like cursing in the church. After all, there are passionate enthusiasts who already get a heartbeat of some non-factory original bolts on a BMW R69S or the lack of the product indication in the smallest black print on a time-authentic gray control cable on a Japanese motorcycle.

Improvise if necessary

Of course, the pursuit of perfection is beautiful, but it is also a luxury. 'If it is not possible as it should be ... Then it should be as it is possible' must also have been the approach of the former CCCP resident who had provided his M72 with a completely new wiring here. The frame provided 'the mass'. But the power distribution was quite unique. From the battery one solid wire went to a piece of hardwood. A flat sliding plug protruded from the side of that block. On the plane of the 'board', another five sliding plugs were raised perkily. The whole was finished with the Russian equivalent of blue silicone sealant. The plug from the side of the board was the power supply. That wire was knotted, woven and twisted in a recess at the bottom of the board in such a way that the 6 Russian Volts were distributed fairly among the five 'on the surface' connectors.

If it works, then it's okay

That technical approach was okay. Because when purchased, the M72 was just running. Because: If it cannot be done as it should ... Then it should be done as it should. For example, in an Ural we found a cardan shaft that was turned mad in the splines of its sleeve. 'Just drill an 8 mm hole through the sleeve and the shaft, an M8 bolt through it. Nut on it. Tighten firmly. Ready!' In those parts it was certainly no shame to equip a WL with the slightly modified pistons of a Polski Fiat or to install Dnepr wheels in it. And what else those ex-Soviets took into account?

We have the idea that the art of improvising has almost disappeared here in the Netherlands, or has disappeared. That argues for the level of our possibilities, but it is a bit of a pity to feel. But luckily there are classic drivers who do pick up on technical improvisation. For example, an acquaintance recently said that he had returned home on his Honda CB750 OHC despite breaking a gas cable. The Honda has a push and a pull cable. By briefly crossing things over, the push cable could be used as a pull cable. That worked, but it did demand the utmost attention from the driver. Because of this temporary solution, the gas handle worked exactly 'differently'. But it is the result that counts.

Sometimes things go wrong

The Ducati driver who lit his third fuse on the way home in the evening, was without fuses and without transport from that moment on. The first fuse burned out. With his two spare fuses, he had traveled a further three kilometers. He had two more to go. In the twilight he found an empty can on the roadside. From the tab he made a temporary connection over the broken fuse. He started and drove home hoping for blessing. He got 'home', but then the whole cable harness hung around the frame like a smoking sausage. Okay, but he had come home with it.

                                                                                                           And why wouldn't you build a Lada block in an old Chevrolet?

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