Techno Classica 2018: Volkswagen cabriolets from Karmann from Osnabrück

Techno Classica
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Earlier this week we already informed you about the anniversary edition of the Techno Classica in Essen, which is currently in full swing. Today we highlight the presence of Volkswagen in Essen. Volkswagen has seized the 30-th edition of the world's largest classic fair to showcase special Karmann cabriolets.

Visitors can enjoy the rare Type 3 convertible on the Volkswagen stand. This car never went into production and only 16 units were built, mostly by hand. The prototype from 1961 that will be shown during the exhibition was once the business car of Johannes Beeskow, at the time technical director at Karmann. In terms of technology, the study model is based on the Volkswagen 1500, the middle class (Type 3) that was introduced in 1961.


The designers were particularly proud of the large panoramic rear window and the fully folding roof, which gave the car an elegant look. This exclusive convertible has been part of the Karmann collection in Osnabrück since 1965. The car was completely restored from 2015 to 2017 and will be presented to the general public in Essen.

Pure elegance for two plus two

Another car that is shown to the world during the Techno Classica is the Karmann Ghia 1600 Type 34 convertible. The open 2 + 2 was presented for the first time at the IAA trade show in Frankfurt in 1961. That happened together with the Volkswagen Type 3. Just like the Type 3 cabriolet, the open version of the 'big Karmann Ghia' is a prototype, of which only twelve were made. The roof can be stored completely in the body of the car. The model shown was reconstructed in 1968. Numerous components were used for this, such as the original bodywork from 1961 and a chassis from 1968.

Convertibles from Osnabrück: a household word

Both exhibits come from Osnabrück. The first generation Beetle convertible rolled off the tire in the Karmann factory in 1949 for the first time. The popular and elegantly lined Karmann Ghia Type 14 convertible (1957 to 1974) also comes from there. This also applies to all Golf Cabriolet generations. And that history is not yet over: from 2020, the Volkswagen factory in Osnabrück will produce the first SUV cabriolet in the brand's history - the T-Roc cabriolet.

Also visit the stand of Auto Motor Klassiek

The Techno Classica has a lot more to offer this year. You can still visit the event until next Sunday. During the weekend the opening times are from 9.00 hours to 18.00 hours. Auto Motor Klassiek is of course present and then you know: it is always worthwhile to visit our stand. You can read more about the Techno Classica here.

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