Techno Classica news: Jaguar Classic presents the first E-type Reborn

E-type Reborn

At the beginning of April, Jaguar Classic presents its first E-type Reborn to the public at the Techno Classica classic fair in Essen, Germany. It is one of ten expertly selected and radically restored examples of Jaguar's iconic E-type from the 1960s. They are in good condition and can be purchased at the new Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works restoration workshop in Coventry (UK).

With E-type Reborn, Jaguar Classic offers buyers a unique opportunity to purchase an original Jaguar E-type Series I (1961-1968) restored by the manufacturer. E-type Reborn is a new activity from Jaguar. Land Rover has previously successfully rolled out similar restoration programs for the Series I and the Range Rover Classic. They can also be seen at the Essen trade fair.

Jaguar Classic Parts only

For each E-type Reborn, Jaguar E-type experts look for a suitable one that they restore to the original factory specifications. Jaguar Heritage Trust also provides the official production data, drawings and specifications of the cars. Jaguar Classic employees only use Jaguar Classic Parts for the restoration, so that the quality and durability are optimally guaranteed. The Jaguar E-type Reborn team is thorough. Even the original way of spot welding is used to fit new body parts perfectly.

First copy

The first E-type at the Essen show has undergone the complete Reborn process. That is a Series I Fixed Head Coupé 4.2 in the color Opalescent Gunmetal Gray. This car was exported to California in May 1965 and drove 78.000 miles before it was stored in 1983. The body, engine and transmission are all original and have been completely restored by Jaguar Classic technicians.

Upgrades possible

The E-type Reborn program offers customers the option of having upgrades of younger E-types performed at an additional cost if they do not affect the authenticity of the original. This includes the cooling (with components derived from those of the Lightweight E-type), a fully synchronized gearbox and front calipers of the E-type Series II. of the specification.

Auto Motor Klassiek at Techno Classica Essen

Auto Motor Klassiek is also present at the 29e edition of Techno Classica in Essen, which will be held from 5 to 9 April. You can find us in Hall 10, at booth 508. During the fair Auto Motor Klassiek again an attractive scholarship offer for the Dutch and Belgian reader. You then pay € 29,50 for an annual subscription of 12 numbers instead of the usual € 36. It is also possible for loyal subscribers to extend the subscription for this amount by one year, even if it has recently been extended. Therefore, visit the stand in Essen and arrange it on the spot, so that you pay € 2,45 per number.

All images are made by Jaguar Landrover

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