Technorama Hildesheim. Valhalla for classic lovers.

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The conditions for a great weekend in Hildesheim were created by the weather gods, among others. High summer temperatures were an extra guarantee for the Technorama Hildesheim for old-timer enthusiasts. They could ascertain the presence of beautiful classics, an overwhelming number of parts and accessories and enjoy the classic races. In total, 15.000 visitors had a great weekend.

More than 300 national and international exhibitors presented a varied range of parts and tools for collectors and keys. Accessories within the most diverse categories found a new owner more than regularly. And the Technorama in Hildesheim offered more. On Saturday, September 10, visitors were able to enjoy 2.000 vintage cars, with one in a better condition than the other. Beautiful MGs, beautiful Jaguars, exclusive Morgans, special specimens of Auto Union: it is just a selection from the special heritage collection. It consisted of both oldtimers and youngtimers. The impressive collection came together at "Flugplatz Lerchenkamp".

This year too, Technorama Hildesheim guaranteed the presence of beautiful parts. Image: Technorama
This year too, Technorama Hildesheim guaranteed the presence of beautiful parts. Image: Technorama

Walhalla in Hildesheim

According to the organization, it is difficult to say which classics were among the favorites. Because according to those responsible, the playing field in the German place was a true mecca. One car was even more beautiful than the other. There was also a lot to suit the fans of the younger classics. Visitors and owners could in any case enthusiastically share their experiences. Or simply show their interest.

Classic racing

Another element of the Technorama was the classic races, a fixed agenda item for owners who use their classics in a competitive context. This year, too, there was enough enthusiasm, as evidenced by the fact that preferably 200 vehicles participated in competitions on the 2,7 kilometer-long circuit. The competition classes consisted of various categories of engines, among other things. The race cars also rode their races in various disciplines, such as Porsche and Aero.

Next edition in Kassel

Spectacle, parts, many - many - many classics and young timers and an excellent organization. This year they again confirmed why the event rightly attracts many visitors. The next Technorama edition will take place in Kassel from 18 to 19 in March 2017. You do well to note this event in your agenda.

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