The 25th Oldtimer and Classic Fair. Coming home in Leek

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It's October 9, 2021. I'm going to the Oldtimer and Classic Fair in the Sports Center in Leek. Due to corona, the 2020 edition was canceled, moreover, in 2019 I was not present at the old-timer party of Anton Rosema and his friends due to a beautiful Estoril Classics trip. But now the time has come, and I am very happy that I can visit the great indoor event in Leek again.

The atmosphere of “we are allowed again” tells us that many classic enthusiasts are ready to visit an event like this again. And that many old acquaintances will finally meet again, in the midst of a fine classic exhibition offer. It will be such a day. Catch up, shake hands and look at the beautifully mixed offer.

The character of the fair is the same as during the many previous editions, so is Anton's hospitality. It is always good to catch up with him, the welcome is always sincere. Anton and his people have made something beautiful out of it again. The French square is filled with limousines this year. My eye is especially drawn to a 1934 Traction Avant, and this one shines because of its unpolished condition. It is the starting point of the mini-exhibition that traces the evolution of the Citroën TA displays nicely. Pure and organic patina is fantastic, so are the stories about the car. Really enjoy, and unique to be able to inspect this specimen.

In the same hall I am hit like a bolt from the blue by a jewel of a Taunus 12m TS P4. White, built in Genk, delivered new in the Netherlands in 1965, traveled half of Europe and in absolute top condition. This is my scholarship favourite; the most beautiful motorcycle for me is the Indian at the stand of the sympathetic Veteran Motorcycles Club, which is always good for a hide-and-seek exhibition. Beautiful decoration, just the right props, you name it, it always gets to me.

Every exhibitor has something special, and what makes today's visit just as beautiful: after a long time I meet old and new acquaintances again. I already mentioned Anton, but today there are more people who give the stroll along the classics an extra nice charge. I speak to Sjirk Scheepers of Ekowax Cleaning Products several times. He demonstrates his products with pleasure, the result is astonishingly good. I meet Eelke at the Taunus M booth, Eelke is a real Ford man, and although I follow his activities on Facebook, I speak to him in person for the first time. Of course about the Fords of yesteryear, nice matter. I also catch up with Egbert, Roy, Sietse, Pieter, Gerard, Anne, René, Eelco, Fokke, Marco and a number of other people. I didn't see some of them for a long time, but today it's not even as usual. It's a reunion of people who love to see each other again. That also applies to Johan Dijkstra, whom I am very fond of. His Golf GLD from 1979 is no stranger, but Johan has expanded his classic fleet with a beautiful Volvo 240 GLT with B230 engine. And expect to read more about that next spring.

There is also something special at Nosstalgia. As a Toyota fan I absolutely do not miss the Celica, and it is sold. It is a special one, an RA21 C that was once delivered new in America. He will stay in the Netherlands, even around the corner, and I am happy about that. Egbert is doing well in Leek, and Roy is also present. A few weeks ago Bart Spijker and I made a report with father and son Spinder, and their Baja-Beetles, who guided the men through wonderful adventures. Roy's Baja will also be on the stand, with an open roof tent and a photo presentation. He attracts a lot of attention and will soon also be glorious Auto Motor Klassiek. That will be a wonderful story. It is- as we speak- almost finished.

I get caught by a direct hit on Egbert's stand. An Opel Rekord E2 with an 18N engine has the magnets that can't keep me away from the car. It has fascinated me since the first sight, and I am in love with the clarity, the absolutely basic equipment and the clear lines that Opel gave to this larger mid-sized car. Soon view from all sides, drive, and who knows. He won't let go of me, still not.

And so I stroll, walk and talk everywhere. Enjoy the diverse range that comes from all corners of the world. Make agreements on different levels. As usual I buy a nice model (Opel Rekord P2 from Ixo). And while I'm looking for a nice DKW book, I'm stuck with a nice Schrader book about the classic Mini. I buy it and pay with a Tikkie. Digital butter with the fish in a classic atmosphere.

All day long I notice how much I have missed events like this (small and large). Bremen 2020, that was the last covered fair for me, and I feel like that was a long time ago. Then the world changed. But in Leek I saw a lot of recognition, and I got to know the special feeling of a trade fair visit even better. This is not only due to the design and excellent organization. This is also due to the hospitality that Anton and his people offer. Fortunately, some things remain the same. And that's why I came home to the Sports Center on October 9, 2021.

More photos of the 25th Oldtimer and Classic Fair can be found under this link.



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