The American exotics: a Zimmer Quicksilver

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The Zimmer Motorcars Coroporation was founded in 1978 to make 'neo-classic' cars. This proves that nostalgia is of all times. Rumor has it that the design for the first Zimmer was drawn on a napkin during a dinner party. Such designs could and can only come from American thinking minds. Zimmers, Excaliburs, Tyffany. And of course there was Frenchman Alain Clénet, but in 1974 he emigrated to the USA.

'Vold' or really classic?

The characteristics of these types of cars, which were usually (vaguely) inspired by the legendary Mercdes-Benz 540, were that they were generally based on American chassis and - naturally - V8 engines. And the unlimited availability of polyester and bling bling. Because very few Americans have ever caught subtle thinking and a desire for elegance.

The success song: the Golden Spirit

That sketch on that napkin eventually became the Golden Spirit. And then it went pretty well with the Zimmer Motorcar Corporation for a while. In the 1980s, almost 200 people worked there. And the Zimmer was the absolute production success for the company. It has been made between 1978-1988 1.500. The firstling in that line made use of an extended Ford Mustang chassis and powertrain - while retaining the VIN number. Working with preservation of VIN numbers was also smart from Zimmer.

The Quicksilver. Based on Pontiacs Fiero

Countless 'Ferrari' look-a-likes were made based on Pontiac's Fiero. There can be discussion about the extent of this loss. Zimmer's approach to turning the Pontiac Fiero into something unique was a lot more ethical. Because the Zimmer Quicksilver didn't look like anything. He was modestly exuberant. And that is positively meant in this case. The Quicksilver was in production between 1984-1988. In 1988, Bob sold his shares to start a regular dealership. Senior was struck by a massive heart failure and with three bypasses no longer had the luck to run the business. The case went bankrupt.

The rebirth

In September 1996, Art Zimmer - not a family - figured out how funny a link between him and the cars would be. He bought the rights, found some things and started the Zimmer Motor Car Club which now has such 500 members worldwide. And Zimmers are made again. For a new Golden Spirit based on a Lincoln Town Car, $ 175.000 may be taken off. But whether that is good news for purists? It keeps the species exclusive in any case.

For the lovers of Americana, a Zimmer is highly desirable. And highly employable thanks to the technology used. Moreover, these automobiles naturally have their right to exist from an autohistorical point of view. In addition, it is an incredible experience to drive such a car.

The Quicksilver in Hoevelaken

We got the tip that one of the allegedly 170 ever made Zimmer Quicksilvers in the Netherlands was for sale at the Big Boys Toys in Hoevelaken for more than thirty years. Less than two hundred were made of the Quicksilver. The car has a kind of steampunk-like elegance and somehow it reminds us of Batman. To cartoon drawings of supercars from the years 50-70.

Quicksilver owners such as ...

The most characteristic is the long straight line and the exuberant use of chrome on the nose and butt. That chrome gives the car a kind of Dolly Parton-like exuberance, but a certain beauty and elegance cannot be denied by the Quicksilver. Actually, we started to find the car more beautiful the longer we looked at it ... And as a Quicksilver owner you are in good company: Hulk Hogan, Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, Sly Stallone, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Kuwait , and Willie Nelson drove once too.

With its three-wheel V6 of such an 135 hp, its automatic transmission and its luxurious interior, the Quicksilver is certainly not an uncivilized, brutal sports car. So everyone has time to see you.


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  1. best as a result of that article about the zimmer quicksilver I can inform you that the car that belonged to stallone was sold by rd classics last year and that vehicle is now in waiting in belgium at a collector who also includes 2 cmc Tiffany's and a custom thunderbird owns.
    mrs dirk

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