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The birthday Lancia Delta and the tribute of real Lancisti

Lancia Delta
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They are represented in modest numbers on the roads in various European countries. The three generations of the Lancia Delta. Yet there is a faithful community of faith that maintains the willfulness and character that from 1979 reveals a variety of diversity in three companies and subcultures. This is further colored by other pearls from the Lancia history. Time for an anniversary celebration, and what for one.

Arian van Beusekom has made something beautiful of the anniversary with the Squadra Chivasso and the Lancia Delta Register, in collaboration with Lancia Club Nederland. I drive my Lancia Delta onto the site, and I almost forget to bring the program, the jury card and the mapped out afternoon route. A little too enthusiastic, let me forgive me with a smile. My Lancia Delta 3 connects with its brothers, and in the meantime the site is filling up with various Lancia Delta 1 variants. From 1300 to Integrale Evo 2. They are also neatly classified according to version and legend. Guys, what an impressive spectacle this will be.

The Lancia Delta 2, the extremely beautiful Nuova, will also receive a separate strip. The honorary hedge for the entire palette of Lancia Deltas is formed by numerous beautiful specimens of other Lancia models. Nan and Chiel have come with the Flaminia Bicolore, there are two Flavia Coupés with the old ass and the old muzzle, a beautiful blue Gamma Berlina drives onto the terrain and so there is more to enjoy. From Theme to Kappa, from Beta HPE to Beta Coupé, from Flaminia Touring Coupé to Flaminia Touring Cabriolet, from Prisma 4WD to Dedra. We are one with one hundred Lancias. So cool.

It is a powerful feeling, the uniqueness and the rarity on which so many beautiful specimens of the brand, modest in terms of sales, come together. It is a taste of Martini's corner, it is enjoying those diabolical Integrales in different forms, it is admiring Lancia's further history, which is so aptly summarized in a sticker text on an original Lancia Delta 1500 from an early year. Lancia - Distanz zur Masse. What a jewel of a spell that is great in modesty. No self-pity, pure reality.

That is how it was, nobody can deny that. The obstinacy at its best, always embraced by sometimes more and sometimes less customers, who all had and have something in common. They made the choice for it specific, innovative and headstrong design with that brilliant touch of finesse. Dare. That gave Lancia its own small but unforgettable impressive place in the big car universe. I feel that all day long, here in a club context. Nice and nice club, Nan Beers told me last year. He said nothing too much.

To drive. That is also part of a meeting. There is on the 12e Lancia Delta Pancakes day a jewel of a course, on the Betuwe. I don't drive myself, but slide in the back of Nan Beers' Flaminia, which I have known for some time. Now and then a photo, while enjoying the 2.5 sound that comes from the front of that beautiful Berlina from Lancia. The Betuwe shines under a nice September sun, it is an ultimate environment and a classic ride. The rarity of the high Lancia concentration flirts with the beautiful Dutch dike landscape, with at times a view of the low-lying Maas. Really, this is enjoyment, especially during the last part where a Lancia with the owner shows the way the passing Lancias on every corner. One press of the horn, one hand up, that kindness again. We all have a bond. Worthy cosiness.

In that classic Nan carriage we laugh through the entire ride, pay attention, exchange beautiful stories. From the back seat I shoot a series of photos of the Flavia 1800 Coupé by Jan Bruikman, who is chasing us and wants to have those photos. "Then we simply say that they were not sharp and that is why I deleted them," I say. Anticipation, because we later say that to Jan, who is visibly and audibly disappointed. Hilarity everywhere, a day trip North Holland background among each other always leads to pure fun. The photos have been preserved, and Jan has now received them from me.

The conditions are perfect for a whole day, and the anniversary is concluded with the selected winners of the Delta competition. Another small bubble, a cup of coffee. I shake hands with Nan and Chiel. And Arian of course. I am definitely not tired, but I am very satisfied going home.

I am proud because with my Lancia Delta I belong to a beautiful religion. For a day it is visible how much excellent work Arian and his people have done for a wonderful event the brand and not the attendees are central. And where respect for each other's car is a true tribute to the brand. At Mercedes-Benz meetings, for example, you see that very strongly. And the Lancisti, they can do that too.


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  1. Isn't it just scandalous and to cry that this beautiful brand with such a wonderful history is actually being turned away by FCA ?!

    The Integrale has been high on my wish list all my life and I hope to own one again….

    Always been in love with him! 😍😍

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