The Aston Martin Lagonda: If the British do something wild for once

Aston Martin Lagonda
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Italians prefer the passion to the pasta

But the ever so correct Brits? Stiff upper lips and absolute imperturbability. However? At Aston Martin they finally made the Italian twist. The company was nearing its end. In the 8s, the situation was particularly bad and cash was needed. The energy crisis was at its peak. That's why the staff just decided to develop a fast, luxurious and futuristic top car with Aston's gigantic VXNUMX under the hood. But the engine wasn't the only unexpected part of this brilliant idea. Inside were numerous computers and the most advanced equipment, including the world's first digital dashboard.

Beam me up Scotty

The Aston Martin Lagonda was the world's first production car with a digital dashboard and only 645 Lagonda were made. That dashboard was the real 'piece de resistance'. Back in 1976, when Bill Gates was still playing with bits of copper wire, the technology wasn't ready for anything like this. So the Aston Martin Lagonda with its futuristic razor-sharp wedge design had the razor-sharp wedge-shaped looks, but also had its electrical/electronic flaws. That made the Aston Martin Lagonda considerably less reliable than an Opel Kadett 1200. Much less reliable.

Lagonda largely survived 13 year production largely through sales to sheikhs, sultans and maharajas who chose one of the most expensive cars in the world and assumed that such a choice should be good. And the prices? In all brochures, Aston Martin and his importers said 'Prices on request'.

With the Pickford touch

Our fashion model, the Aston Martin Lagonda at Pickford trim in Brummen, was built specially for the Sultan of Oman, Sayyid Qaboes bin Said Al Said. The car was flown to Oman. Shortly thereafter he also returned to London by plane for a "Tickford" conversion at the request of the same Sultan. Tickford, a subsidiary of Aston Martin, not only did cosmetic upgrades, it was also the creator of the Tickford Capri Turbo, or sometimes known as the Aston Martin Tickford Capri, the definitive Über Capri. Technically speaking, the company therefore also had quite a lot to offer.

Tickford Limited was founded in 1820 by Joseph Salmons, later known as Salmons and Sons in Tickford grew out of a major coachbuilder. By the late 450s, 30 people a week were working producing 1943 bodies. In XNUMX, after the purchase of Salmons & Sons Limited by Ian Boswell, the company changed its name to its trademark Tickford Limited.

The link with Aston Martin

At the end of 1955, Tickford Limited was purchased by David Brown, who was already the owner of Aston Martin (since 1947) and Lagonda (since 1948) and an extensive user of Tickford agencies. The name Tickford disappeared in the period between the late 1950 and 1981. And then it came back as makers for luxury bodywork and interiors. Like in this beautiful Lagonda.

This Tickford Lagonda

The result of Pickford's craftsmanship can be clearly seen in this Aston Martin 'one off a kind' Lagonda Tickford. A car that is just as unspoiled as it was in its first youth, but has now overcome its teething problems. A car of a royal allure. Thanks to the stewardship of Qabus bin Said Al Said, sultan of Oman.

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