The big windshield guessing game?

unknown windscreen
Unknown windscreen
Prizes cannot be won with it, but we know for sure that one or two people will be happy with the solution to this mystery. For at least two years since loyal reader Frans Commandeur who enjoys the lyrics every month and perhaps also those who happen to be looking for the windshield of this unknown classic.

The window is tinted green and probably dates from the 1970s. "He is not entirely 100%, but throwing it away is also something," Frans thinks. "Because imagine that someone else is just looking for it, that would be a shame, wouldn't it?" Now it is only a big mystery to Frans of what kind of car this window comes from. And he asks readers for help. The Department of Defense Registered Vehicle has a sticker on the windscreen. It says: DD form 2220 (11-79). NAVSUBASE. UAN 758. There is also a black strip on the window, with the number '3409 194474' on it. The upper edge of the window reads 'S / N 0102 - LF - 002 - 2205'.

Can you help French? Then please comment below.

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