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The Bottrop Blues: Environmental sticker and the environmental zones

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We were recently in Bottrop with our classic.

We were fined. Due to incorrect parking, fine dust and the lack of an environmental sticker on the windshield.

What searching on the Internet taught us that such a sticker is not required for cars older than 30 years. Which in turn brings us to what age motorcycles are…

We thought it would be a good idea to communicate that with Het Strassenverkehrsamt, Abteilung für Verkehrsordnungswidrigkeiten. Great if you can work at a desk with such a name! The stern-sounding female official on the phone said that Recognized German Classics had red-white license plates. We explained that this was not the case in the Netherlands. It sounded like the lady blamed us for that.

We emailed again. We called again.

They would be the ticket for what the environmental sticker concerns cancel.

We would receive a ticket for wrong parking, because we had not made a donation in the parking meter.

We explained to her that everything had happened on a Sunday. That on Sunday it was clearly indicated that you did not have to pay to park. Fijntjes: "That is the same in Germany and the Netherlands".

The environmental test was therefore canceled. The parking ticket would be reconsidered. In the end we did not have to pay the 10 euro either.

The Dekra itself says it this way:

Old-timers with a historic registration number registered in Germany as such (the vehicle must be at least 30 years old and bear the “H” or red “07” registration mark) or old-timers registered in other EU countries that meet corresponding conditions, have a permanent exemption for the environmental sticker.

If your old-timer is registered in the Netherlands, has a date of first admission before 1 January 1978, and the vehicle is equipped with Dutch historical license plates (the blue plates), you do not need an environmental sticker.

To enter a Umwelt zone, you still need a FIVA Identity Card. You can request this from the FEHAC in the Netherlands. You can find more information about this Identity Card at: If you park your oldtimer within the Umweltzone, you must place a copy of your Dutch registration certificate or the aforementioned Identity Card clearly visible.

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  1. Please state where the editors have checked it, I drive a motorbike myself and am happy to have a windshield where I can stick everything on the back of each case because there are always those service knockers who do not pay attention to that, you will just see that it always happened to me !!!!

  2. That FIVA card has your full name, address & chassis number on it. Having to leave it visible is of course completely shit in terms of privacy. Such a thing can also be misused for criminal purposes.

    A copy of the registration certificate is possible, but then you have the option to make your personal information illegible.

  3. With my Mercedes 500SEL (5 liter V8) I just received a green environmental sticker.
    I have already entered a German environmental zone several times and have never been fined.

  4. I myself have had contact with the Bundesabt and also with the Municipality of Essen as well as the Municipality of Munich

    Before you put down about € 200 for a FIVA CARD and happily drive into Germany, it is still wise to first contact the zone you want to go to.

    Both the Bundsambt and the Municipality of Essen pointed out to me that it differs per Zone. Which is also true.
    The answer I received from Munich was very different: to show that the car meets German standards, it was told that a TüV inspection had to be done (€ 200) and if it was voidane, the old-timer could own it buy a € 30 sticker to enter the zone. Welcome to Munich

  5. PAY ATTENTION !!! By copy of the registration certificate is meant explicitly: That part on which the date of first admission is stated !!! This copy must also be clearly legible (tip: use a good color copy!) And be placed in a clearly visible place behind the windscreen.

  6. The link to the site in the message does not work. On is to find some info.

    Both nationally and internationally, you must in many cases be in possession of a FIVA Identity Card to participate in historical rallies, but also to participate in a concours d'élégance. Such a card costs € 200, - ..!

    Then - to be able to drive into an Umweltzone - a copy of the registration certificate behind the window is a lot cheaper!

  7. Good evening, I have a chevrolet from 1984, so now 34 years old, so older than 30 years.
    In your column you write that the car from 1-1-1978 is exempt, but that is 40 year.
    Do I have an exemption for cars older than 30 years or does Dutch exemption apply for cars older than 40 years.

    • In Germany, this rule applies to a (passenger) vehicle that is 30 years or older, calculated from the date of first admission. This age has long been regarded as 'historical' in Germany. The age of 40, which was introduced in the Netherlands at the time, is an age taken completely out of thin air by former State Secretary Sukkeltje Weekers. All the more so since many neighboring countries also use the 30-year limit.
      In addition, the FIVA identity card in the article is NOT required to enter an environmental zone. This card CAN be used as an ID when entering and parking. As stated in a response, a clearly legible copy of the registration certificate stating the date of first admission is sufficient. This is indeed a lot more attractive in terms of price. Always place both pieces of evidence well visible behind the windscreen. And then hope that the civil servant knows the law, or wants to know it. Unfortunately, in Germany and Austria too, there sometimes turn out to be thieves, who sews a well-known ear to foreign tourism !!! In such a situation, it is advisable to look for local residents who would like to testify for you. Often these are also easy to find, if one knows these arts from local people and often does not know how to appreciate them. In that case it is also advisable to photograph the situation (including visible evidence). This can help with any objection.

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