The BX is thirty!

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This year it is 30 years ago that Citroën the BX.

It was developed on the basis of a bottom plate that will also be used by Peugeot. Yet it became a real one Citroën with a hydropneumatic spring system. Also in the interior is the well-known originality of Citroen to find back. Many people thought that was too futuristic and clearly a bridge too far. The rev counter had been replaced by a row of colored lights. The satellite operation from the Visa and GSA was not 1 on 1 not taken over, but a cross between the satellites and the 'lunule' used in the CX was used.

The looks were not determined by the design department of Citroën, but the designer Marcello Gandini from design studio Bertone was allowed to put the design in his name. BX pilots are therefore real Bertone drivers! Class!

The BX ensured that sales were at Citroën enormously and became available in a large number of variants, with the diesel variants setting the benchmark for the entire market. Peugeot's new 1.9 XUD engines turn out to be a great match with the comfortable BX, and mid-range diesels finally became dynamic. And economical. And fast…

We have known one that came to an end with a collision with 650D km on the clock. The perpetrator had a star on his hood and a gloomy mustache under his nose. He picked up two red traffic lights before the brave break stopped him.

After a facelift in 1986 where the quality of the BX even further up goes and the last one Citroën gadgets have disappeared from the interior, sales are even further increasing Citroën definitely a hit in the middle class. Also because the BXs in their 1400 cc version were the cheapest lease cars of that moment.

In the twelve years that the BX has been in production, no fewer than 2.315.739 copies were delivered to satisfied customers.

The fourth and fifth owners often cursed their purchase. The BX is a real one Citroen that appreciates and rewards timely and professional maintenance. He responds to beating and not having to eat much ... Characterful. The final successor to the BX is the Xantia introduced in 1993, which in particular has to make customers switch from the more expensive BX.

The time that BXsen for 2090 euros with APK were offered is over.

For a good copy, the counter is now pretty close to the two mille.

And which BX hater - there was even an Anti BX club - could have ever thought that?

In the photos we give a credit to all BXsen who have not achieved their enthusiast status…

And one of our employees is already ready for her fourth BX. She cherishes him

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