The C72 & C77 Dreams. Honda's Ugly Ducklings

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Honda's real breakthrough in Europe began in 1959 when the first 144 'big' Hondas landed in Hamburg. The now most common C72 and C77 were already the fifth generation Dreams. The fifth Honda Dream series appeared in 1960 and the “regular” models now produced 20 hp. With the arrival of the C 72 / C 77 models (1960), a teething problem of the earlier series was also resolved. A pain point was the crankshaft mounted clutch. That link held. But sometimes the crankshaft broke. In the new series, the clutch moved to the input gearbox shaft, while a short primary chain provided the drive from the crankshaft.

Tastes differ

The Honda Dream didn't look that way. RECOVERY: He didn't look like the motorcycles we were used to in Europe. And the mere fact that he could do 'so many' tours made people suspicious. The Dreams were much more modern than their competition from the old world. Their frame was made of pressed steel, just like the swing arm front fork. We had seen that more. But the engine had an overhead camshaft, a starter motor and a reliable electrical installation. And the Dream had flashing lights.

The Dreams were available as 250 and 305 cc machines. The difference in longinhod was in the bore. That was with the C72 54 mm, with the C77 60 mm. Both Honda's 54 mm was the hit.

At a time when a motorcycle still had a high use value, those were all big plus points. The Dreams are so-called classics you would say. For ages. But they still don't want to become popular. Why would that be?

Work in progress

The engine blocks of the Honda Dreams received quite a few detailed changes in the course of the model. They were all mentioned in the workshop manuals. But who has such a workshop manual? Very many parts of Dream blocks fit pretty well. But if such a block is proudly started, then everything goes wrong. The revision of such a block is therefore something for a professional. And new parts are hard to find and expensive.

Also things like the spring elements and mufflers have not yet been discovered by the 'replica maker market'. The suspension usually bounces bravely, but it has not been damping for a hundred years. And when a Honda like that starts rolling, it can easily change from a Dream into a rodeo horse. Oh yes: there are almost no chrome parts and flashing lights. And the buddyseat covers production in the colors blue and red just won't get going.

Moreover, all Dreams sheet metal work could also rust

In the meantime, Dreams are rarely offered and rarely sought. For top copies, amounts in excess of € 6.000-8.000 are requested. No one even makes the effort to bid on it. Even if there are ten billions in bills. And we know a topper who doesn't find a new owner even for € 3.000. But if you are interested, go for the top. Because restoring a C72 or C77 is difficult and expensive.

The C 77 models were very dated in the mid-1960s. The hefty fenders and the sheet metal were a thing of the past, but they were still very up to date motor-driven. Honda only replaced the outdated design in 1968 with the arrival of the CB 250 and the CB 350.

Our unrestored fashion model is at Roadrunner Motoren in Velp. For years.




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  1. Hello Theo, You're right. I had kept the examples of the most beautiful little Laverdas out. These have since been discovered and are worth a very long article in themselves!

  2. Compliment for the nice piece of Honda dream, there was also a cb 72 & cb 77 as an intermediate type.
    Which also went through life as 250 & 305, as a sporty model, it was delivered with two carburettors & more power.
    The ailment of the cb 72 & 77 had a shift shaft problem but because the crankcase is horizontally divisible
    It was easy to solve with new axle and roller bearings.
    the cb 250. /. 350 then came on the market.
    Fr. Theo

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