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2018 is a year in which numerous illustrious car models celebrate their anniversary. We look back on the 1968 car year, in which various historic cars were born. We presented part one and part two of the triptych earlier this year. Today we show the third and last part with cars that see Abraham this year.

Citroën Mehari

Presented on the platform of the 2 CV Citroën in car year 1968 her recreational car made of ABS plastic, which could be driven open and closed as desired. Various (detachable) canvas parts provided the necessary protection in the technically simple Citroën, which achieved cult status in the almost 20 years of its production. In 1979, the French launched another 4 x 4 version, which was built up to 1984. Incidentally, all Méharis for private use were supplied with the air-cooled 602 cc engine. The Méhari 144.953 was produced in total.

Renault 6, first series

Renault showed the successor of the Dauphine to the public in car year 1968. The new model was technically largely based on the R4 and received the modified 845 cc engine from the Dauphine Gordini. Renault positioned the R6 in terms of lines grafted on the R16 considerably higher in the market than the entry level R4. That also applied to the pricing, and that was a reason for the somewhat disappointing sales. The R6 also received the larger 1.108 cc engine in the early 1970s and was also available in two trim levels. Until the facelift for model year 1974 (other grille with square headlights, less chrome), Renault managed to sell nearly a million copies of the Renault 6.

Rover 3500

The Rover P6 existed for several years, and offered room for an upgrade for the English manufacturer. And what kind! The unsurpassed V8 license engine with 3.528 cc found its way into the front of the P6 and the 3500 was born. This charming automobile was available with a Borg Warner automatic and was praised for its beautiful design and strong performance capacity. In 1970 the series was facelifted and Rover also launched the 3500 S. This was supplied as standard with a manual five-speed gearbox. The P6 3500 was built in two series 80.190 times, to be succeeded in 1977 by the equally beautiful SD1.

Ford P7b

The Ford P7a (the big M) had listened to the catalogs for just one year before the modified P7b rolled off the band in Cologne. The original P7 model was sold reasonably well, but the lines could count on much criticism. The kink in the waist disappeared with the P7b and the design was more linear across the board. The P7b was available in various engine variants (from 1.5 to 2.6 liters) and the buyer had a variety of body options available. Furthermore, the P7b was available as a sedan with two and four doors. A hardtop coupe and a five-door station could also be checked. All models were supplied with disc brakes. Top of the line: the 20m RS and the 26m, both of which were supplied with the 2.550 cc Kóln V6 engine. For 1972, Ford announced the Consul / Granada series. It marked the end of Ford's beautiful P7b series.

Alfa Romeo 1300 Spider Junior (Duetto)

Alfa Romeo was a master in the preparation of tasty cocktails based on available bodywork and technology. Based on the Duetto, Alfa launched the 1968 Spider Junior in car year 1300, which was given the power source of the 1300 GT Junior. It was the well-known 1290 cc engine, with double overhead camshafts and in this case with 2 Weber 45DCOE14 carburetors. He produced 89 DIN PK. The top speed was 170 km / h. In fact, the car was available for two years in this configuration. Striking features were the pointed rear, the deep profiles in the flanks and the uncovered headlights. In 1970 the tail of the Duetto was changed and this resulted in a new Spider episode. Today is the Duetto 1300 a very rare relic.

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