The danger of broad tires

BMW525 Wide
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EKadett-A-and a considerable part of our classics and youngtimers has been upgraded with (somewhat) wider tires, somewhat larger rims. Possibly a regrettable deviation from De Originality, but understandable.

After all, the eye wants something too, and many Original Classic Wheels look like soup plates on their side in a too spacious china cabinet. And then an inch wider and an inch larger is a nice option?

All that extra rubber provides extra grip. That seems extremely safe, but can also be stressful. Especially when the steering wheel is turned from a standstill.

But we still have power steering for that?

Volvo-wideYes. But sometimes the power steering is not muscular enough to wiggle all those extra square centimeters of rubber and then the hydraulic system gets a groin fracture. In addition, it is usually a simmer ring, but sometimes also a snake that collapses.

And because the power steering is often in the same bloodstream as the brake…

Do beautiful rims and tires really do not immediately off. The misery can be very limited by only steering when the car - no matter how slow - is rolling.

And just keep an eye on the fluid levels. Always have a liter of correct hydraulic fluid because normal ATF is not allowed in every system and enjoy your classic the way you like it.

AUDI wheelAudi wheel, original

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