The Ducati Monster, that will be a classic

Ducati Monster
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Government is looking ahead and all that. And that is why this story is about the motorcycle with which Ducati reinvented motorcycling: The Ducati Monster series. And that those machines are called 'il mostro' in Italy? That sounds much narrower than that standard English 'monster'.

A Monster is a healed classic

The fact that the Ducati Monsters were not presented until 1992 makes them still 'too young' to be classic, according to general sentiments. But they will become classics. Now they are still in the nicest corner in terms of pricing. And because they have sold a lot, but have not really been 'discovered' yet, there is still a lot of choice.


In the first half of the nineties, the fun of motorcycling was over for many people. The 'customs' from Japan did not yet look. And across the board, the trend was for motorcycles to be liquid-cooled and fitted with fairing. That didn't make a Transalp a lesser motorcycle, but whether the thing would ever get a beauty prize?

So in 1992, Ducati unveiled a new prototype that would become an icon. Ducati's creation was a big hit during the "Cologne International Motorcycle Show" that year. With the Monsters, Ducati again presented a line of motorcycles that looked like ... again. Motorcycles.

Ducati Monster designer Miguel Galluzzi said about the philosophy behind his creation: "All you need is: a saddle, tank, motorcycle, two wheels and handlebars."

The Ducati Monster family inspired many other manufacturers

The market was crazy about the Ducati Monsters. The Ducati Monsters therefore became one of the most copied motorcycles of all time, after all imitation is the highest form of respect. But "The Original" is the statement. The followers are a bit pathetic at best. Ducati also bravely embroidered on the Ducati Monster theme. Or has the brand mercilessly milked the theme? Because the range of 46 different Monsters between the 400 and the Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta Tricolore is more than impressive. The Monsters are for Ducati what the GSs are for BMW: of vital importance

The Ducati Monster 600 series

Personally, we find the early, the air-cooled bivalve, Monsters the nicest, the most pure. And the machines from the '600 series' are perhaps less monstrous, but - certainly after some tuning - they are unbeatably nice driving machines on secondary roads.

That 'tuning' does not have to consist of much more than a set of Hyperpro suspension and, because it is a Ducati, from a different exhaust system. After mounting that system, adjust the sprinkler occupation of the two 38 mm Mikunis. The 600 engine, a reduced 750SS block, has a lot of energy from low revs and is ideal for 'urban' deployment or a weekend in the Ardennes. The only cornering that the Duc is less into is "turning the street." The turning circle is impressive. Technically, the Ducati's are excellent with normal maintenance. Only the standard Italian electrical problems also regularly play with this twin. But in the course of time they have now been worked out.

Pay attention to the maintenance history when purchasing. The timing belt drive of the camshaft and the adjustment of the valves can be an unexpected cost item.

Consider the purchase of a good Ducati Monster 600 in amounts from € 2000 + And for that you have a classic in the making and a fantastic fun motorcycle.

Monsters are already being restored

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