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There classics purchasing (copy)

Food trucks. That's a thing. Massively converted into 'kitchen or catering vehicle, often classic, vans flood all outdoor activities that are now all' Events'. Renault Estafettes, Citroën HYs and - of course - VW vans.

VW vans

Books and half the Internet have been written about the VW buses. The bus idea came from our own Ben Pon, who got his inspiration from a small vehicle made for internal company transport on a beetle basis. The Volkswagen Beetles were 'Type 1' for Volkswagen. So the vans based on the idea of ​​the enterprising Dutch VW importer Pon became 'Type 2'.

The Type two came in the course of time in the 'flavors' T1, T2 a and b) and T3. In 1981 the T3 was also available with a water-cooled diesel engine and in 1982 the air-cooled gasoline engines were also replaced by water-cooled gasoline engines.

T2s were made by VW do Brasil until the end of 2013.

The fact that the VW vans were made for work, and not for eternity, ensures that a dreaming bus buyer can come back from a very cold funfair today. The parts provision is almost exemplary and the parts are not expensive. Great right? Yes, except if you need a lot of parts and screams like dents and / or welds like dull sheet metal. Because then the hours count. And a lot goes wrong because there are no clear, written agreements between customer and service provider. Because if the job is disappointing then the restoration of a VW bus can become a money-consuming monster.

The Brazilian VW buses

Are they real or not? That is being disputed. They are made in an official VW factory, but do not necessarily follow European developments. Volkswagen had quality inspectors from Germany in Brazil.

In fact, they are no better or worse than their counterparts made in Germany. On the other hand: Brazilian (and other vans from faraway foreign countries) vans have often had a merciless life and have been kept running by all means. So never buy a VW bus unseen through an auction or the internet

Maurice Bronke from Schagerbrug

Maurice is a genetically air-cooled VW enthusiast, collector, repairer and restorer. He saw food trucks on hits and he was surprised at the often miserable build quality. He could do that better! After he technically made the bus that he still had completely ready, the saw went in. His main challenge was to make the entire structure watertight. Because with the food trucks he had seen, the water ran not only from the tap, but also along the walls when it rained. Maurice is not a sweetbread baker or pulled porc specialist. He's a techie. So he actually has no use for his creation. And he thinks it is a shame to let him do nothing at all after all investments. So the idea is to rent the VW. As a food truck or as a DJ boat - pronounce: 'boeht' for disc jockeys with style.


From such an 6.000 euro for a project to more than 75.000 euros. For amounts around the 25.000 euro, a tidy, good honest bus can be expected

Thanks to Maurice Bronke from Schagerbrug


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