The Ford Scorpio. From miss to cheap classic

Ford Scorpio
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In a classic market where prices seem to rise like monkeys over each other's backs, you have to be realistic. Tig million for an AC Cobra or a Ferrari GTB? So what? When they only cost a few tons, we couldn't afford them either. Dreams just have to stay dreams.

But a nice classic doesn't have to cost a lot

And whatever choice is made: the usability of such a less exotic classic in unimaginably much greater than that of a Sotheby Topper. The Mercedes and BMWs of our grandfathers are now also worth a lot. And even the once-despised Porsches 912 and 944 have been 'discovered'. But there are still enough wallflowers in the shade of all those sunflowers. Cars where the spare parts supply is still largely carefree and where the purchase of a new exhaust system costs you less than two monthly salaries.

We look at the Ford Scorpio

When it comes to the biggest flops in automotive history, the Ford Scorpio has always been high on the charts. It was actually a topper, an advanced mid-range vehicle, introduced on the market in 1985 as the successor to the Granada. After all, the Ford Scorpio was the first mass-produced car with a standard anti-lock braking system (ABS) on board, later the Ford Scorpios also got driver and passenger airbags. The auto journalists were delighted. In 1986 the Scorpio was named Car of the Year. And with that trophy in hand, more failures have been jubilantly buried. The Bundesgrenzschutz bought Ford Scorpios. In the normal clientele Scorpio got few friends

Only hatchbacks

Especially since the car was initially only available with an unloved hatchback. The station wagon and sedan arrived too late. With the major facelift in 1995, things went completely wrong: with the weird headlights, its fish mouth and strange butt, the Ford Scorpio was only appreciated by employed taxi drivers. Three years later, production was discontinued. Too bad, because the Scorpio was the last classic Ford sedan with rear wheel drive.

The Ford Scorpio was undoubtedly a disaster for Ford

But even flops are still mass-produced, if you are one of the largest automakers in the world. After all, 850.000 Scorpios ran off the band, so you don't have to look long for survivors - even if many specimens have fallen victim to scrapping premiums. It is more difficult to find a well-maintained specimen with nicely complete equipment. Scorpio fans from Den Beginne were rare. Most owners saw only one thing to drive in the car. For lack of better. Or more beautiful.

Ford leaves it at that

Parts for old Fords are everywhere except at Ford. Few manufacturers are so unloving for models from days gone by. This also applies to the Ford Scorpio, which was built 13 for years. Anyone looking for spare parts is therefore dependent on free dealers or clubs. Fortunately there are many of them. Ford has a busy fan scene that is happy to help you look for parts. Wear parts in particular are available in large numbers for the Ford Scorpios.

Even sheet metal parts such as fenders or doors can still be found. Rebuilding a Scorpio from scratch is not economically worthwhile, as just about any investment is greater than the economic value of the car. Of course, that is not the point for enthusiasts. But it does count. Better buy a well-preserved, more expensive copy immediately. A Ghia. Or a Cosworth. That is the best investment.

That's how Ford dreamed it was


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  1. I still have my father's silver-gray Scorpio 2.9i Ghia. The car is now 31 years old and now has almost 150.000 km on the clock. Verifiable too, because my father was the first owner and I have found a large number of maintenance invoices in the administration, all at Van Kalmthout & van Niel, the current Ardea.
    A hatchback, therefore, and with all the factory options, except for cruise control and rear belts. We even ordered the limited slip differential at the time, no idea why. And everything works too.

    I don't drive it enough, but when I'm in it it's like the old man is still driving. “Watch out, you're way too close to it”.

  2. I don't think those later versions are ugly cars, at most a bit Asian anonymous. The first versions I drove as a temporary worker in the port of Vlissingen on the boat to England. Beautiful cars.

    I am, however, very concerned about the electronics in luxury versions of older cars. Whether it is VW, Audi, Opel, BMW or Ford. That will probably fall out or ghosts.

    Nice story from Leo Eras!

  3. I have had a Cosworth full option, Lode Grün lease car.
    V6 2.9, 207 PK Din.
    Was quick and manoeuvrable but a little greedy 12,5 l gasoline / 100Km.
    Depreciated with 240.000 Km due to large costs of power steering.
    Formidable car to drive in but too ugly to visit your friends.
    And yet ... I missed him a little.

  4. Large, luxury cars should not be called Ford, VW or Opel. That has been the case for a long time. Those who want status demand an asterisk or a blue and white propeller on the hood. The Opel KAD series and later Monza and Senator were technically and qualitatively fine, but they sold below expectations and fell in value very quickly. Now they are loved again. For a reasonable price you can also buy an older VW Pheaton, a car of absolute top class.

  5. In the nineties, we demolished Scorpios to build replica Cobras; technically very good cars but no rock-hard horsepower.

  6. At that time there was a Ford dealer in Germany who was a member of a gliding club. an 6cyl was used. Ghia Scorpio to pull the planes up because the car could not wear on the paving stones.

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