The heart of a Peugeot 203

Peugeot 203
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An aluminum (Alpax) cylinder head, hemispherical combustion chambers and the full 42, later 45 hp from 1.290 cc. And that in a generous family car. With the current flash policy and current traffic, a Peugeot 203 is not even badly motorized with it.

Looked under the hood: Peugeot 203

A completely authentic car from a legacy of, yes, an old gentleman. Under the hood you dream away: 57 years of intact history plus a brand new fuel pump as the icing on the cake. The liquid containers are made of the most traditional glass. The space around the power source is so spacious that you could walk around the block. Everything is accessible, understandable and covered with a thin hint of the past and transience. An endearingly light attack of fly rust.

A young mechanic no longer knows how to do this. Contact points are from before its time. The simple carburetor with its lever for a summer and a winter position has the technical level of a garden watering can and no plug-in point for a control terminal. This is an almost schematic combustion engine. The engine starts by switching it on and then pulling the starter out. Pure Flintstone Technology. But in 1948 it was a highly modern topper!

A kind of time machine

The air filter has its type designation with artisanal stamped letters. The radiator has had the same warning sticker for 57 years. The blue Bosch ignition coil is undoubtedly of a later date and the painted number BE 501 on the right inner screen? We do not know. There are indications that it could be a color indication. This car was kissed awake by Garagist Vernon de Groot from Velp after years of sleep. And that went without difficulty or miserable. The liquids were changed and a new battery was installed.

The engine started almost immediately. On his years old gasoline. During the first test drive everything turned out to be exemplary. After two hundred kilometers, all Peugeot muscles were loose again and the small four-cylinder turned like a sewing machine. The square motor is surprisingly lively with that. The gearboxes of the 203s did not have the most ideal gear ratios and synchronization. But when is switching now with love and policy? Nothing wrong.

The technique

Peugeot 203 Sedan.
displacement: 1.290 cc, bore x stroke: 75 x 73 mm, carburetor 32 PBICA (Solex type), ignition: Ducellier, power: 42-45 hp at 4.500 rpm, curb weight 1.300 kg, 0 -100 km / h in 36,5 s , consumption: approx. 1 on 12, cruising speed 115 km / h. Top speed 120 km / h.

The weak points: the spacing of the bucket, the second gear, is already separate.
The parts supply: just right. Via specialists, the club, or for French speakers: The Internet.
The key convenience: a child can do the laundry
The employability: 100%. Even the fuel consumption is acceptable
The reliability: 100%

The clubs ,, ., ,.,

The forum and such

Nice sites:,

A tip: the Volksuniversities will start again after the summer. There you can follow all kinds of courses at a very friendly rate. Also French courses. That makes your classic life even richer: there are a huge number of French sites about French classics.

The specialists

Ko de Fouw, Karel Verhoeven Peugeot, Willem Driessen, Ilbrink, garage van der Meij, Peugeot dealer Nouws, engine revision Frank, .melun-retro-passion.

Thanks to Vernon de Groot from Velp



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  1. goedemorgen,

    We received this by e-mail, thank you. : Just a message about the code at the Peugeot.
    The gray-painted code under the hood in 99,9% certainly the color code, even on later types such as the 504 it was still present in gray letters.

    Sincerely ,

    Jan Alting

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