The holdership exemption ...

MB 190, Venema
ER Classics Desktop 2022

… Is limited for vehicles between the 25-40 year. We are no longer allowed to make beautiful winter rides. But what many people do not know is that - partial exemption - is optional.

You can drive day and night and all seasons with your classic car. If you waive the exemption from normal 'road tax'.

Then you simply pay the full rate that applies to your car.

And right now someone is already thinking hard about what would happen if he would sign up for his normal, neat classic, which he drives because he likes it better, for the 1 quarter. Then, next spring, put the car in the name of his partner. Who then receives a letter that the car is partially exempt and would be happy with that.

At the end of next year, the partner would put the car full in tax for a quarter and sell it back to her legal husband in the early spring, who would then again spend nine months at a discounted rate ...

There must be someone who can calculate that.

They can't make it more beautiful. But the tax authorities are clear on information.



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  1. Well, that's not entirely true AMK. After all, you can only make a choice once a year. For example, if you choose to simply pay MRB and you sell your car, the new owner simply has to pay MRB. The other way is possible.

    So the loophole has long since been closed ...

  2. With this government, the World is just upside down in order to levy taxes on anyone who gets caught. However the by me
    about all agencies demonstrated massive VAT evasion of BOVAG car companies has not been tackled by any agency or governor.
    Our government is out for simple creaming off the citizen and nothing else! My congratulations on such rulers chosen by us all.

  3. Explained awkwardly but I find out that you can drive full time by paying 2 quarters in this way.
    Is there no snag under the grass, just like suspending it for less than 3 months and still getting full fare for you? I don't think the quarterly rate system is programmed for this. Anyone?

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